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26. February 2008 15:36

Due to the persistence of Keith Elder, he has managed to convince several of the speakers at Alabama Code Camp to either sign up for Twitter or start using it again.  Some of the suckers that fell into the trap include Robert Cain (Arcane Code), Todd Miranda, and Doug Turnure

Several months ago, I signed up for Twitter and managed to stick with it for a little while, but it became too much effort.  One of the biggest gripes that I had with it was the limited abilities to send updates.  At the time, you were restricted to the web site or text messages from your phone.  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of text messaging, especially when I'm sitting at the computer.  There was supposedly an IM interface, but it never worked.

Fast forward to present day and it appears as though their web site has been greatly improved.  Twitter has opened up some web services that have enabled a number of custom clients to be created.  Keith was a big advocate of Witty, which is a WPF smart client.  (What a shocker...Keith evangelizing a smart client application).  After getting it downloaded and setup, I have to admit that it is quite nice.  The application has that smooth WPF look and it appears to be fairly responsive.

So, I have made my return to Twitter.  For the last couple of days, I have been sending periodic updates.  Admittedly, I can feel it becoming somewhat addictive.  When there is a moron at the office causing the day to suck tremendously, it provides a nice little outlet to let everyone know about it.  If you are interested in following stalking me, here is the link to my twitter feed:


3/5/2008 10:59:18 AM #

Twitter makes the world go round, dude Wink

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