No Passion in the MS Community?

22. May 2007 03:38

It is my first day back on the job after returning from vacation.  I am still attempting to get my mind back on track from staring at the ocean for a week.  So, I am taking it easy on blogging tonight and will kick it back to Mr. Wally McClure

He recently blogged about a topic that was stirred up about the time I left for vacation.  As such, I never really had a chance to throw in my two cents.  It all started when an article appeared on Information Week asking "Why Doesn't Microsoft Have a Cult Religion?".  The same issue was raised by Mary Jo Foley in her post entitled "Could Microsoft take a community lesson from Sun?"

There have been a number of responses to this article from various members of the Microsoft community such as Clemens Vasters, Robert McLaws, and Wally.  Generally speaking, I agree with their responses, and they have more eloquently made the argument than I could.  So, I will simply throw in my two cents and let it go.  As pointed out in their blog posts, there are beaucoup examples of a vibrant, passionate Microsoft community.  Don't believe me?  Drop by a Code Camp or User Group Meeting sometime.  Or, attend a conference such as Mix, TechEd, or PDC.

I have witnessed the excitement of these events and talked with plenty of developers to convince me there is a passionate Microsoft community that is experiencing continued growth.  From my point of view, the MS community has a plentiful supply of developers championing the technology.


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