Presenting for Huntsville User Group – Tue Nov 10

8. October 2009 11:03

I’ll be giving my “Why You Should Care About Dependency Injection” talk for the Huntsville New Technology Users Group on Tuesday, November 10th.  If you will be in the area or know someone that is interested, please pass the word along.


Here is the abstract:


Why You Should Care About Dependency Injection

Buzzwords such as Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, and containers have become increasingly popular in the world of .NET development. However, many developers are still wondering what’s the big deal? Are you curious what these terms actually mean? Would you like to know why the concepts are important as well as how and when to apply them? If so, please join me for this practical and interactive discussion about how you can greatly reduce the coupling of your application by leveraging these concepts.  The Unity IoC Container will be used as a reference for this presentation, but the concepts are applicable to your container of choice.